Boston Terrier



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Boston Terrier

Send Your Photos

We always likes to see Boston Terriers photos. YOU too can send your Boston Terrier photo(s). If you have photo(s) of your Boston Terrier(s), all you have to do is select the best photo(s) and write a description of your Boston Terrier to be posted on the site. You must include your dog(s) name(s) and a small description (or story) about your dog(s) and the pictures that you want to be featured

Boston Terrier

Skateboarding Dogs Neo And Tuxedo

Amazing skateboarding dogs that knows how to ride on a skateboard. Believe it or not! This is Neo and Tuxedo, the skateboarding dogs riding their skateboard in Paris, France on October 2011. These are really well trained Boston Terriers and one of their favorite sports is to skateboarding.

Watch the Skateboarding Dogs Neo And Tuxedo

Skateboarding Dog